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Official Tournament Merchandise - 2018 and 2019

Breakmark earned the bid to be the official merch vendor for WBU in 2018, so as their lead designer it became my task to design apparel that would sell as much inventory possible. To do this, I achieved a wide range of appeal by deciphering the universal aspects of ultimate frisbee culture and then embodied those characterstics within several design styles. To define the culture specific to WBU however, one can simply strip away all the elegant and sophisticated traits from the disc sports lifestyle and amplify the result with your dial set to eleven. The outcome is a rather dazzling amalgam of rainbows, sparkles, neon, silly costumes, games, and all the zany accoutrements imaginable in between. I refined these themes down to a trio of bold, simple and vibrantly colorful designs. As a result, not only were sales the best that Breakmark had ever achieved at a tournament, but they were welcomed back to be the official WBU vendor again in 2019.