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Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance

Ultimate Frisbee - A Community of Organized Play

PADA provides opportunities for people of all lifestyles and demographics to learn and play ultimate through their seasonal competitive leagues, annual tournaments, and a growing youth outreach program. Serving as more than just a means to play, their mission is to foster a community that builds positive characteristics through an environment that is simultaneously competitive and spirited. I have helped to cultivate these core values as an active member of this community for over twenty years, not only as a player and a captain, but also as an artist. Conceptualizing a multitude of dynamic logos unique to each year and each season, I have playfully incorporated the various themes and motifs that make this community what it is into the apparel and gear of the league play, always ensuring to provide a fresh twist on these concepts throughout the years. Beyond artwork for jerseys and discs, for many people these logos now represent countless positive memories, experiences and relationships shared among the myriad of it's tightly knit members.