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Surly C.O.U.G.A.R.S.

Women's Masters Ultimate - Minneapolis, Minnesota

This Collection Of Ultimate Gals Aging Ridiculously Slowly sport a clever acronym that playfully nods to the division in which they play. Earning a bid to worlds meant that they required more than the usual team kit of a light, dark and shorts. The combination of their necessity for an additional jersey with a USA theme and their decision to opt for full sublimation on all of their items provided me with an opportunity to test the limits of their brand. Embedding a vibrant swath of aurora colors within the cougar on the dark was an appropriate and appealing way to represent the team’s home state, while the disintigration of the cougar on the light gave the design some much needed motion. As for the USA gear, highlighting the appropriate letters of the text that wraps around the jersey was an easy way for the uniform to represent the nation that these ladies were playing for. The result is a set of outfits that are dynamic in style but consistent in identity.